The creative cycle continues

I have pledged that I want to live a positive and productive live.

I love my husband, children and family with every fiber of my life, but they are not my life…I am.

My mother has advanced Alzheimer’s disease… depending on which sibling you speak with…it is devastating.  I cannot recognize the woman I spoke with tonight on the phone, with the same woman I saw in December… my mother.

My MIL has cancer.  Inoperable lung that is metastasizing.  She will begin her second round of chemo next week. They give her anywhere from 9 months to two years.  I will send her a fruit basket on Monday, but I want to talk to her to find out what I can do for her NOW!

Any suggestions?



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4 responses to “The creative cycle continues

  1. What can you do right now? I’m sure just hearing your voice is a blessing to your mother-in-law.

    Sorry to hear that your mother’s Alzheimers is advanced. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for you 😦

  2. You are in a very difficult time. Just make your MIL a card and send one a day. And talk to her too. Send your Mom cards too. You make beautiful cards.. I know because I have one.
    And hang in there.

  3. hey lovely, i’m so sorry about the sadness in your life. hang in there, there will be bright days and moments you’ll treasure, that will sustain.

    big d and i are always thinking about you…maybe another influx of classic candy will help to distract for a moment.


  4. Oh, how sad. Just let your MIL talk.

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