The rains of Sweden…



The deep freezer is dying a loud and klonking death.

The office computer fried itself Saturday morning and luckily a very creative 16 year old was able to harvest parts from his old unit and rebuild Dad’s computer, saving us from financial ruin, the expense of buying another CPU and rescuing the company’s records on an early Sunday morning.

The Volvo needs to be diagnosed…:(  The instrumentation panel is lit up like that of a nuclear submarine).

We have not had a dry day in a long time.  Luckily, we had 5 hours of partially sunny sky on Friday for the last day of school.  There was a terrible tragedy near Stockholm where a lovely 15 year old popular teen was murdered.  Her suspected murderers are a 16 year old boy and his girlfriend.

I have been in a card making mood.  My friend, Jeanette makes the BEST cards in the world and I am so inspired by her talent, that I feel the need to amass a supply of all occasion cards JUST IN CASE!

Make your own sunshine!



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3 responses to “The rains of Sweden…

  1. Sorry to read that you’re having to deal with so much aggravation. I’m sending you good vibes for sunny days and good luck.

  2. I was wondering where you were. Hope things have calmed down at your place. Show us some of those cards you are making. I could use some inspiration myself.


  3. Good grief girl you have had a lot going on. That is ashame about the kid that was killed. I hope sunshine comes your way soon. Take care and thanks for stopping at my blog.

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