Glad Midsommar! Less blogging more creating!

I haven’t disapeared or given up, just busy trying to enjoy my free time and some late spring cleaning!  Because of the ability to record so many programs on the DVR that I was missing operation slash physical therapy,  I did not participate in the usual Tossing O’ The Crap celebration that we look forward to.   Old sheets, blankets, curtains, clothes, books….anything that can be tossed, should be.  Problem is here in Sweden, we are the kings of recycling and you can’t toss just anything.  You have to sort it and take it to the recycle station.  I actually feel guilty throwing something in the wrong place!
Sorting photos and scrapping them.  Sorting the rest in to piles for the kids to do what they will with when they move out.  Please don’t percieve my absence from your comment section as neglect, lol!  Lots of graduation parties and today is Midsommarafton but we will not be out for it…also no sil or snaps! :0


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4 responses to “Glad Midsommar! Less blogging more creating!

  1. you def deserve a little lighthearted fun! go forth and sort, recycle, party and midsommer… (don’t know if the usage is correct, but you get my drift) xo

  2. Well, I’m doing the same so let’s sort and recycle together! It’s the same here in Denmark. 🙂

  3. Have been wondering how you are doing. Spring cleaning is sort of refreshing isn’t it? Unload!


  4. hi sis, going to Nora tomorrow morning 6 a clock.. Have you start working? I ben caling you this week now responding.. Anyhow I miss you… I hawe mobilt bredband.. so we can chat… Hugs Jeanette

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