Inspiration is everywhere I look.

I had put away my artsy things for almost 3 months due to being depressed about my surgery, uncertain employment and general “how are we going to make it” anxiety.  I had almost no connections with friends either near or far and my one creative outlet and friend had a life and new directions that did not correspond with mine.
All of the things that I have accumulated and purchased lay her collecting dust.  I had no desire to try and do anything as I had distanced myself  from everyone, including my blog.  I fell into a pattern of watching  mind numbing shows like ?aris Hilt0n’s My BFF and Platinum Weddings…I could not imagine having so much money to toss around, let alone  time to jet set to imagined places with a couple hundred friends.   The reality was that I was losing my reality to mindless tv and red wine.  I could not wait for the kids to go to bed or to their rooms so I could “unwind” from the stress of being religated to domestic servant and chauffeur.

I received my issue of  CPS July/ August and after scanning the contents, put it in my night table drawer for a later date.   Woke up too late to see Anderson Cooper 360 and found the magaxine again.  The article by Loretta Benedetto Marvel knocked my socks off!  She spoke about the need to create art during these difficult and uncertain times because it is necessary and not a luxury!    (here I was trying to figure out if the kids would miss cable tv or martial arts lessons least; how many times could the family love lasagne and not figure out it was STILL mommy’s disguised pasta  😉  ?  Loretta sopke about the difficulties of supporting oneself with art and while trying to reinvent one’s self  to survive economically.  What hit me most was the her passion to inspire artists, especially those of us newly discovering our artistic side.    ” As long as you draw breath, you have at hand all you need to create.  And as long as you draw breath, no one and nothing can take away from you that essential beat of the heart that declares, ” I am an artist”

I am SOOOO fired up and inspired…Jeanette, lets make a date!mixed media atc's



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7 responses to “Inspiration is everywhere I look.

  1. Hang in there! Like the mag said it is best to keep creating when you are in a bad spot. Most people tend to pull away but the best therapy is to keep creating through the rough times. Keep us posted on what you are doing and take care!

  2. One foot in front of the other – or in this case, one piece of paper or doo-dad in front of the other. Before you know it you are in a new place or have a new piece.

    Keep us in the loop. We care.


  3. hang in there. piddle with something – anything. slowly find your way back to center. I challenge you to make one 3inx5 in creative postcard from things you find laying around today.

  4. Pat

    I sure would love to find one of those 3 x 5 postcards in my mailbox! I have wondered about you so many times over the past few months, but just didn’t take time to inquire.. How long would it have taken me to say that I miss your always welcome notes to say hi? Because I really do! A good lesson: follow your heart. and check up on your friends!

    Hope you are doing much better! ART beats Anderson Cooper & Paris Hilton any time! BTW, I tried clicking on those very pretty pink pieces to see them better but they didn’t enlarge. I wanna see!

  5. Oh my sweet seester!!!! Here’s a big hug for you…

    (((((( gina ))))))

    Thinking of you and wishing you lots of artsy inspiration!!!

    The other seester,
    Michelle 🙂

  6. Thank you. I really, really needed that. Stay inspired… and I will try, too.

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