Help Cecil, Help! (The Buried Treasure Challenge)

beanie-and-cecil.jpg This was one of my favorite posts!

Seth over at the Altered Page has challenged us to repost something related to your blog.  This never fails to make me smile and is really the day I discovered “altered art”.

For those of you youngins that are too young, those are the words of my main man Beanie when he called on Cecil the Sea Sick Sea Serpent to help him…  The kids and I were discussing Homer Simpson and why I would not allow them to watch The Simpson’s when they were little…My brain answer;” cause it is teen/ adult humor and I did not think it was appropriate for you to watch characters strangling each other or setting someone on fire….”  My Parental answer:  If I let you watch PG 13 stuff at 8 what will you want to watch when you turn 13???  Triple XXX???  go to bed, already…  🙂

I grew up on

Peter Potamus ( with his Hippo-Hurricane-Hollar);


  Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse and Top Cat!


Can you tell that It is Friday and the kids are safely tucked in?  The Hubbs and I are sharing a bottle of red and reminiscing….Sometimes life is so simple yet so good.  You need to  celebrate the successes and the failures, the completions and the attempts…the wins and the loses…!   Just be positive and reassure yourself that as long as you rise on the right side of the grass, you can have a do-over.

This has been such an artful day!  I am working on my first altered book with a window; found some AMAZING buttons at the local flea market for 18 kronor ( about 3.40 US).  I have “met” the most fantastic altered artists in the bloggisphere and am just so damn inspired that I cannot stop reading their stories and journals of inspiration!  Where have I been during this new art wave?  I have SO much to make up, I just may stay up learning so much more about this…Great day for me and I am so inspired…I just said that , didn’t I…lol!

Now I have hiccups, it is Definitely time to go to bed!


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7 responses to “Help Cecil, Help! (The Buried Treasure Challenge)

  1. Any CM tools? Circle cutter?

  2. WOw! Total trip down memory lane for me with all those cartoons! I LOVED Beanie Boy and Cecil. Lord only knows why. We sure were subjected to some weird stuff when we were little!!!

    And I am probably in the same boat as you with stickers. I have TWO binders full of CM stickers (I used to be a consultant!) and other assorted ones. Bummer is that I am so over stickers and never use them in scrapbooks or collage or anything! I usually just plaster them all over the envelope of cards.


  3. Sounds like you are feeling better and back to yourself! Have fun creating!!!!!

  4. Good to see your creativity surfacing again. Aren’t altered books a whole lot of fun? I think I need to make another one. Meanwhile I have been trying other things.


  5. Such a great post to revisit. There is so much joy, so many memories, some good humor, and a lot of inspiration to be found here. Thanks so much for deciding to go digging!!

  6. What a truly delightful re-post … thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  7. Maria d'Michelle

    Oh good grief. . . this is a request for Cecil bad jokes–

    Bennie boy says “Help Cecil help!!” and Cecil replies–Sorry I can’t open the door right now; the dryer still has ten minutes left to go . . . . Ha Ha Ha . . . you know, jokes like that–one after another–about 20 or so in a row. . . . .

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