Having fun!

I have started clearing out some unused stuff to be taken to the local seniors center.  I used to ship it off to friends in the blog world, but alas, The Hubbs found out that I had spent several hundred dollars sending “free” stuff to people that was not only a non busines related expense, but since I am no longer an independant business owner, not tax deductable.  I do so dislike rationality in the face in insanity.

Taking another online course and have started on an altered book  (a small 6 3/4 ” squared) that had drinks recipies for Bombay Gin…which I don’t like or drink, so it seemed  a perfect choice (sidebar- If the Queen( of England, that is…) should stop by for cocktails, I do keep a miniature bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin on hand as I hear she likes a Gin and Tonic in the evening…I would love to toss a few back with her 😉  ) No pix yet, but plenty of collaging going on!

Go Make Something challenge 4th Anniversary

Ten Two Studios Challenge- 4th Anniversary

I am also challenging myself to make something out of the junk that is currently cluttering my desk…

I was on my way out to sweep off the stones (high winds the past few days blew a lot of junk around, lol!)  I noticed the kids bikes were all over the place  parking problemsOn closer inspection of Micha’s bike…I saw the following…What is happening at daycare?If I were in America and not in the country side of a remote area in Scandinavia, I might be concerned…  Kids are not “prohibited”  from playing Cops and Robbers  here and even the girls are encouraged to pack “heat” or else you will be the criminal all the time and get chased around the circle on the bikes…  It really is completely innocent, lol!


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10 responses to “Having fun!

  1. You are a busy bee! Love the alter book cover. BTW, regarding guns, if you don’t give them toy guns they will make them out of something else! There’s nothing wrong with playing cops and robbers or soldiers. I read it somewhere. 😉 Take care!

  2. Well, I AM in America, and when I saw that gun in the bicycle basket, I gasped! I’m ok now that I continued reading 🙂 phew!

  3. Gina: Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you are back to crafting, as it really lifts our spirits. When times get tough we crafters usually have enough supplies (that we bought once upon a time just because we liked it), so that we really don’t need to buy more. Happy crafting.

  4. thank you so much for encouraging me!!!

  5. Ha ha, I love the gun in the basket (have gun will travel) it a real sign they are using their imagination and having fun “playing”!!!
    I read some of your posts, you have a great sense of humor!! I think they should get back to having creativity and art as the most important subject our children have!
    One of my friend (her creative spirit) Lynn does altered art, I love her work, I have purchased some of her work. I tried some of it and I was hooked, so much fun!
    I can see why you like it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love to have visitors! I appreciate it when others take take to comments!!!
    Margaret B

  6. The way everything here rusts or molds militates against craftwork. And packing heat is tough where people don’t wear coats and jackets.
    Thanks for your sympathy, Gina. I’m feeling a lot better today.

  7. Dear Nancy!
    You are SO right!

  8. Yes that is how it is! My princess can be dressed as Snow White and of course she has her own sword, gun or somethingese to fight with!
    Thank you for your comment on my blogg!

  9. hello gina :))
    thank you for visiting me and leaving that lovely comment on my book of lorien :)) hope to see you again soon :)) and oh… have fun with the altered book!! 😉
    peace and hugs,
    luthien :))

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