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Lots of blog surfing going on. I have discovered so many different artists and scrapbookers too numerous to mention, but I have added their blogs to my links…Unlike most people, my links are my list of where I can find creativity, not necessarily the most popular places on the web.  I know that I am missing out on the big names, but that is not my meaning.  Everyone knows who they are and what they do…I am more interested in the journey of how they got there, so I connect with the people who’s works are still works in progress.

DSC01593DSC01587DSC01588I have a problem with wrinkles…I place the medium on the stronger surface and use a squeege and a rubber roller and I STILL get wrinkles…I have used liquid medium, Mod Pog, YES, glue stick (least amount of wrinkles but not so permanent holding…) all to no avail…Can someone help me?!!!DSC01591The corners are folded, so that explaines that crease but all of the others are not intentional 😦



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  1. You might want to try PPA. You left a very nice comment on my website and asked about PPA. It is Perfect Paper Adhesive and is my absolutely favorite.

    I use it both for an adhesive and a sealant over top my artwork. It dries really nicely and never feels tacky when dry.

    I usually get mine at USArtQuest (the manufacturer), but I’ve also seen it at Michael’s craft store.


  2. hey gina :))
    wrinkles on pages… i get that too. my normal adhesive works well when one surface is hard, like wood, then the paper won’t wrinkle. but when i use paper to paper it wrinkles. that’s becos the normal adhesive has too much moisture in it. so when you wanna stick paper to paper, use a spray adhesive. i use 3M. that works perfect … totally no wrinkles and saves you a lot of time. but be sure to use it in a ventilated area. also … there are 2 kinds of spray adhesive. one is permanent, the other is a mounting spray so that you can switch your pictures around anytime you like. hope that helps!

    :))) thank you once again for the purchase :)) i’ll send it on monday via 1st class registered mail and it’ll reach you in approx 2 weeks, give and take :)) and … :)) thanks for the link! i will link you on my blog as well. we must keep in touch!! i’m loving how your pages are turning out … esp the first picture … there’s something about how you’ve closed up half of the prints with the roses … that’s really intriguing!

  3. Hmmm… well not really being an experienced scrapbooker, I can only give advice based on something else…. When I was in college we had to make a ton of self-correcting activities and board games for kids with special needs. All required paper to be pasted together and then occasionally laminated over. The only glue that kept these games and cards from wrinkling was old-fashioned “rubber cement”, the kind in a brown bottle that you paint on. This was advice I got from the professor and it worked great. 7 years later still no wrinkles, even for the paper cards with no laminate, ***but*** I don’t know if this would eventually damage photos or not. For scrapbooks it has to be non-damaging I would imagine. Worth looking into, maybe?

  4. no help to offer on the wrinkles. I tried decoupage once and it was a disaster — cat, table, fingers, glue — not a good look! LOL

    how are you feeling these days?


  5. I wish I could give you some advice but I know nothing about scrapbooking:( I wish I did. Maybe though I’ll look into it:)

    Thanks for stalking my blog and caring! I really appreciate it! And I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog!

  6. Digging the Sound of Music page, girl. Let’s start a new fan club: Crushin’ Coop! LOL omg, I cannot tell you. Hubba Hubba! LOL

    Hey, I know how hard it is to get stuff over there in Sweden, but did you ever score any gel medium or fluid matte medium? Golden and Liquitex make the ones that sell the most. You can collage with the stuff, once dry you can brush over what you glued. My pages wrinkle but then I put my 30-lb. botany book on top of it overnight and it’s flat again. Some people iron their pages (put a piece of alum foil or a paper bag to protect surfaces). If your paper is thin, you may have to gesso it first. Did you ever score any gesso? The spray adhesive may work too. xoxo

    • Oh, I forgot to add: have you tried painting your page first with acrylic paint? One light coat, let dry completely. Put wax paper on either side first and let it dry stage one on its own, stage two, under a book overnight. Page should not wrinkle when collaged on.

  7. Someone mentioned spray adhesive. Double sided tape works too if the piece you want to adhere has a straight edged shape.

    I use Golden’s acrylic medium to both glue and seal things. It is “wet” tho so if paper is thing it won’t be absolutely wrinkle free.


  8. billiescraftroom

    Hi Gina

    I love your work so far, I don’t have enough collage experience to offer a solution, but Julie over on is doing an art journal class in September. Well worth a look as there is bound to be something of this nature on there at some point.

    Best wishes


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