A breakthrough…of sorts

I sold out my blog for the last 3 days.  Contests that I don’t have a sbcih of winning and I caved.

In the interim.  Samantha Kira, one of my favorite journalers/you tube videoers/ let me explain it to you-people helped me in such a profound way, I feel like I FINALLY understand some secret that existed amongst artists that I was not privy to.  I had this large Moleskine journal that I had been SAVING for eternity because I was afraid to try.  Afraid that if I made a mistake, there would be no do overs or erasers to take away the failure that I had committed to paper.  I had started 5 different journals, none completed because I had seen something on the net that made me doubt myself and what I wanted to convey.

I had purchased the maximum*-allowable by law of embellishments, fibers, ribbons and paper.  I decided that having 17 albums, extra cutting systems and 3 binders of stickers did not make me a scrapbooker and I would be best served cutting my losses and focusing on creating meaningful journals….

The real meaning behind this, rant if you will…DO what Makes YOU happy….if it is card making with those little mouthless and noseless stamps ( which I do own) DO IT.  If you love buttons and cannot find a way to use them except to display them in pretty jars or run your fingers through them, DO IT!  If you think you have OCD and you have no space left on your desk, chair or bed…DO IT!!!

This is one area where the most toys does not make you a winner…just a “what if I coulda”.  This is the one flower that managed to survive the bush clipping.  I just planted this bush 2 years ago and someone decided that it needed to be pruned.  That is what happens to our art.  DSC01597Someone decides we are not good enough, the colors are not “right” we have too many embellishments or photos on a page…our children are not pretty enough,pages not painted “right”, you get the picture.

ENOUGH of enough…

DO IT  For YOU!!!

Put it out there for the universe to absorbe and digest…there is always someone looking for inspiration. You may be it.


I love hydrangia but cannot grow them to save my life…My husband has enough weed killer and miracle grow to tend Buckingham Palace, but if I cannot grow flowers and grass using neutriments I could be dangerous with weed killer.  😉



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5 responses to “A breakthrough…of sorts

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’m glad you like my cards. I certainly identify with your posting (LOL). I make whatever I feel like making because I feel like it, not because someone wants me to – whether it be journaling, cards, quilting, painting or jewelry. Lucky for me, my partner (Marc) gets it. I enter challenges/contests and if I don’t win, too bad for them. I’m the real winner for creating something I enjoyed making.

    You don’t have SU stamps were you are? OMG – I visit SU demo websites from around the world. I’m sure someone can smuggle you some stamps. LOL. I love their new halloween stamps. hugs to you!

  2. Hei Gina!!! That’s a beautiful flower! And I definitely agree that one should do whatever he or she wants to do in order to be happy.

  3. I Do agree; Life is to short not to seek happiness and most of the time it’s right in front of you 🙂

    Beautiful flower photo!

  4. urbandriftwood

    Gina – I LOVE this post – it is SO true – I have SUCH a collection of ‘STUFF’ and yes – many projects that are at 95% finished, because to actually ‘finish’ something opens it up to critcism & critique & I would prefer not to face that ‘failure’……..I KNOW we are going to be good online pals@!! Your new PT friend Keron (aka The Colourguru)

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