Busy IN the background

Having a great time slacking off from work and just arting.  I will have to pay the piper next month, but so what…(salaries are given out normally once a month in Sweden, on the 25th)DSC01619I get started on something, then realize that I cannot continue until i finish what i started…thus more practicing and just cranking out backgrounds so that when the images or journaling comes, I have something to work on.  I have seen some awesome works and have been inspired to hop in and just let the process happen.  i have no illusions of selling on Etsy or even being published.  My goal is to make up for the lost time i was not arting…DSC01611A yahoo group i am in is having a charm swap and you need to make 8.  I of course am way behind in charm making and swapping, so I elected to do 16 but packed up the first group before i photographed them…sigh.DSC01617These are copper colored blanks that I stamped with the butterfly image, applied some Distress Ink so that it would pool, then dried it with the heating gun.  I applied a bead of Diamond glaze around the edges and applied German glitter glass.  When it dried, I began layering Diamond Glaze to the center until I got a nice raised look.    sorry for the distortion, but my new camera did not come with an instruction book in english and it pains me to read German, Dutch and Finnish :)… btw, I sliced the tip on my left index finger and it hurts to type so that is the reason for all of the typos and lack of capital letters, lol…


I could not figure these little mouth and noseless people stamps out for a minute, then i realized that all of my daughters friends thought they were so cool…so I bought some…Nice birthday card and I think they are so cute in a cute kind of way…lots of prima flowers, brads and the absolute inclusion of a vintage touch…the old stamp, yes, the ribbon is a tad crooked, but oh, well…

Back to the desk.

Have an artful and creative weekend.




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8 responses to “Busy IN the background

  1. woah!! the backgrounds look gorgeous … loving the citrus feel! the charms are really pretty tho i can’t really make out what the images are. i like the colors! is it also diamond glaze you used? poor you… hope that finger gets better :)) HUGS!!

  2. Hi Gina — You left a comment on my For-Sale blog but no email address to contact you. Please email me at mearitaira@yahoo.com if your’re still interested in the floss and cross stitch chart.

  3. Hi gina…..great work! the charms are sweet and your backgrounds are terrific too. Glad that you are having such a creative spurt. Keep it up.

  4. I hope your finger is healing nicely and you’re still crafting away! Those charms are so pretty!

  5. Happy to see you are back at the art. Sometimes we just need to get in there and Do It don’t we? The charms are adorable.


  6. mmmmm. Those background pages are yummy! Love the colors on them. I would scan them to use again. I like the colors on the dominoes too. Hope your finger is better. I just returned from Art Unraveled, a workshop event that is not-to-be-missed (unless you can’t raise the funds, which may be the case next year).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments.

  7. Hi, I just left a message to you at http://uppmaskan.blogspot.com

    Hope to see you there!

  8. Love the backgrounds and borders!

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