Someplace I wish I could be…

workshopwidget165redoKC WILLIS is hosting a Collage Retreat Workshop workshop that promises to blow the roof off of the place.  I would REALLY like to attend this, because she does wonderful Native American Mixed Media pieces, the subject of which is dear to me.  To all of my bloggy friends, if you want to chip in and send this old girl back to the states for this event ( did I mention that Joanna Pierotti and Sarah Fishburn are two of the people scheduled to teach here and if you pay in advance (before Sept 5th), you get a 20% discount and a free nights hotel stay?).  I was not going to mention it, but there is an online event for international people, but (ahem) why spend any more time on line than necessary, lol!?

Sweet peas in the morning… I know that I swore I would not pimp my blog out again, but I SO want to go!   Any magnanimous benefactors out there?cropblo



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3 responses to “Someplace I wish I could be…

  1. So if I had money? I would totally be magnanimous and benefactory. Alas, I can only hope yours has enough $ for two.

  2. I would be a benefactor if I didn’t have bills to pay right now. Anyway, I agree on you comment in my blog that we are dangerous together. We should paint the town red when we do a blog meet someday. LOL!

  3. Believe me, if I had the $$$ I would invite all my cool blogger buddies to go on a trip (somewhere) together and just create to our heart’s content!

    I play the lotto here, so there’s still hope? *smiles*

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