Stolen ideas and belated thank you’s!

The fabulous Sherry at GOT ART? showed us a wonderful cover composition book she did from recycled materials and fabrics that she dyed with coffee.  I was already jittery from my second cup of Joe this morning and thought…” The Hubbs often does not finish his daily black, strong coffee…I wonder…?”  I microwaved the brew, and put it in a plastic bag with a few feet of lace shook it around and VOILA! An idea was stolen born! 🙂Coffee dyed laces

Trying to see how much juice was actually in the coffee, I found some papers that I was tired of trying to distress with ink and totally forgot that I own walnut ink crystals and concentrates…duh.  I managed to stain not only the text, but some Cath Kidson napkins that were too bright to really pass as ephemera ( sorry, no photo but I will come back and reload one.

Sharon, who is being driven by her muse Nora, is reorganizing her craft space.  I felt extremely guilty, being creative in the war zone that I call my space so I started tidying…I cannot commit to cleaning, but just lowering the bar makes me feel better 😉  I WAS influenced to hop into action…the almost finished product :

I can’t say I feel better, but it was ok, just ok.  I wanted to redo the cover of my Moleskine journal, but the process kind of got away from me.  From basic black to Claudine Helmuth studio paint ” stained glass” which was still asking for a little something…DSC01646then went screaming all the way to :DSC01667There is no right or wrong in altered art. ( LOL!) It just is…The light angles are not the best, but I think it looks really urm…really uh..unique!  Thanks to molding paste, ephemera and miscellaneous other “stuff”

Lastly a large and belated THANK YOU/ TACK SÅ MYCKET to Judy at The Mixed Up Media Artist.  Judy sent me an envelope of wonderful things to create with ranging from “bleeding” papers to trims, to ephemera inclusive of lovely ribbons and mini paper books! Unfortunately, it was swallowed up in the proverbial art room and just resurfaced when I was inspired to organize. A small taste of  the included loveliness..NJ Judy



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5 responses to “Stolen ideas and belated thank you’s!

  1. Busy girl! Love the coffee stained lace and everything you are up to. 🙂

  2. You go girl!
    Maybe if I could bring myself to do the cover to my moleskine, well maybe then I could face all those white pages.
    When are you coming to play ART with me?
    I’m just saying…….

  3. Love the altered art Gina! Bet you’ll have loads of fun with all the stuff from the package:)

  4. Unfortunately not all of your pictures will load on my computer, but I can see the moleskin cover and it’s GREAT!! 🙂

  5. I don’t know what is wrong! 😦

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