WHERE is JOANNE’s?/ Michaels???

I had a 50% off coupon for Joanne’s and Michaels… needless to say, the coupons are STILL in my bag.  I had 2 packages to mail in the USA…the SAME 2 packages came back to Sweden with me along with the postage that is unusable outside the US.   I am so so out of sorts.  I wanted to buy paints, embellishments and fabric scraps, but alas…never made it.

LOOK at that FACE!?

LOOK at that FACE!?

  • On a pleasant note,  I received my package from Dick Blick. I was using the credit given to me by a friend and posted to me and had to pay no duty!!!! I was over the moon and love gift certificates! I am taking several art courses and found out that I have 3 nieces that are  1)5′ ’10 or better 2) wear sixe 11 shoes and best of all!!!” 3) SHARE my creative spirit!
  1. I was so happy for Kicha, Alyssa and Jamillah who all took aunties Holey Soles ( 2 pair: pink and turquoise) and my extra soft flip flops…;
  2. My Bally Loafers that had only been worn twice and although they were narrow and hurt like hell…looked so great on my feet ! LOL!  $279.00 gone in less than 34 hours…

3.My nephew Stephen, who won the tallest person in the family award by being 6’6 inches with a 5’7 mom     and a 5’10 dad!  He also won special recognition for crashing into a basket ball pole and fracturing his jaw, but cutting the wires so that he could eat at the repast…

Family is crazy and so unpredictable, but so necessary!


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3 responses to “WHERE is JOANNE’s?/ Michaels???

  1. Awwwwwwww = didn’t get to use your coupons

    SMILES = your family!

  2. Shoes, tall, basketball, broken jaw… did you leave anything out but the coupons?

    Welcome back!


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