Creative snafu…

I have been hanging out on That site that shall not be named…

I have neglected my blog and bloggy friends so I apologize first!

Secondly, I received some nice gifts from Jeanette. She has the most amazing eye for stuff and always knows just what I “need” .

Cut and dried from one of her neighbors yards...

Cut and dried from one of her neighbors yards...

I love Hydrangeas; my favorite flowers.

Then there were these lovlies..sorry for the bad photos…milk jarsThey are about 8 and 10 inches tall and are crying out to be filled with dried or paper flowers and sit on top of my desk…if I could find my desk.  I know I have one, and I used to be able to see it, but…that is another post!


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5 responses to “Creative snafu…

  1. Hi girl…..
    You just have to pust and pust an pust… and there it is…. your desk..ha ha… I´ have got a mailkabinet from Arnes job-… it´s to dy fore…. hi hi… Shall we make christmas-card some day?????
    Love Jeanette

  2. And what site might that be that you’ve been hanging out on????? Please share! I’ve been gone for a minute *smiles*

  3. Hey girl, where ya been? Glad you’re back.

  4. Nice blog you have! 🙂

  5. NetteR

    Trevligt med gåvor 🙂

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