Getting on the ball…

Made an emergency trip to U.S., hit a craft store, shopped a few things for the kids and could not believe how fast the time went…I signed up for a class in December and still have not watched any of the videos…( See the large red door below…)

Where does the time go and how can I get all that I have wasted back?



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6 responses to “Getting on the ball…

  1. There you are!! I’ve been looking all over for you 🙂 We ‘gotta catch up! Tell me what’s going on in your world and stuff…

  2. Where the heck have you BEEN girlfriend?!

  3. Hi girl, back in snow and winther? Miss you!!!!
    Hugs Jeanette

  4. I’ve been wondering where the heck you have been. Glad you’re ok and eager to create.

  5. GC

    omg u r posting somewhere

  6. Yahhhhhhh! You can run butcha just can’t hide, hahah!! It’s about dingdang time you came and said Boo to me!
    Luv you bigtime

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