OMG, 40,000 visitors!!!

Because I have 40,000 visitors stop by my little piece of the internet ( by the way, wordpress does NOT count when YOU, the blog owner logs in, unlike blogspot!) I need to have a giveaway!  TELL ME WHAT YOU WISH FOR OR NEED in terms of supplies, ephemera or doodads and if you are the winner, you will get to pick from my stash…

For those of you that are visiting for the first time, let me tell you…I am an altered artist, looking for her niche… I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and often rediscover things that I thought I did not own… I have tried to find photos, but the sheer magnitude of it overwhelms me… that being said

  1. If you are into acrylics, I’ve got them….
  2. Fabrics, check….
  3. collage…MORE than you can believe
  4. decoupage…got it…
  5. scrapbooking…faggataboutit….got cha!
  6. embellishments…ribbons, buttons, brads….CHECK
  7. lace….?  You have not SEEN the craft work that comes out of my bins…lol!

BRING it, just leave a comment!!!


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9 responses to “OMG, 40,000 visitors!!!

  1. I just moved last month and got rid of 10 years worth of “stuff”. Not ALL of it, but a whooooole lot!

    I’m ready to start with a fresh new stash. And with THAT said . . . yes, please enter me in your giveaway *smiles*

  2. Congrat… to the big number of visiters… But first a big congrat on the International womensday…. hope you celebrate in glory…. Hugs from Jeanette

  3. Congrats on your milestone! How generous of you to share your bounty =) If you pick me as your winner, I can never have enough collage items… embellishments are nice, too!

  4. Wow! 40,000 visitors. Congrats.

  5. Congrats. I don’t need prizes but am glad you are doing so well.

  6. wow, 40,000 is a milestone in blogland 🙂 Congrats. I too love collage and probably should do a de-stash soon myself. It’s always fun to have somebody else’s things to play with. Take care and keep blogging.

  7. hi Reg, Show us the fabolous Indian wommen in alterd tecknic…. please…… hugs Jeanette…

  8. hey girl! *waves*

    40,000 visitors… impressive!

  9. congrats on the throngs! i’ll send some more your way…

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