We have a winner!

and the winner is BECCA at http://artbeckons.blogspot.com/.

First runner up, RICE CRISPIES!!!  Sorry it took so long, I was obsessed with a piece of art and struggling to finish it, (which it still is not…)

It is snowing today and although it is only about a centimeter in accumulation, it makes all of the nasty snow look nice.


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6 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. Wahoo!! Thank you so much =)

  2. Congratulation to the winner, I´m so envious. hugs from Jeanette And i´m longing to se your artwork….

  3. Yes, Congratulations to Becca!

    It was 80+ in my neck of the woods today. I got out and stayed out as long as I could! Had to come back in about an hour ago because I was out spending too much $$$! YIKES!

  4. Just wish you al folks a nice weekend… hugs from Moster

  5. Oops… I’m totally out of it…
    I’m embarassed to say but what was this contest for?

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