My faithful friend has moved on…

Having taken a serious sabbatical, I wish I were posting more inspiring information.  My best canine friend has passed on.  It makes me sad to think about it, but I felt compelled to post his photo for my own sake…IF the adage “what does not kill you will make you stronger” is true, I should be on fire in a bit… Off to continue the never ending job of clearing off my craft desk so I can do something for me!  Craft on!



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3 responses to “My faithful friend has moved on…

  1. Sorry to hear the news of your best canine friend sweetie 😦 but I AM glad to see you back in blog world! xo

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your sweet pup, Gina. Love that face!!! (glad you’re getting your ART back on these days – me too!)
    – vicki

  3. billiescraftroom

    Dear Gina

    I’m so sorry for your loss too, your furbaby was gorgeous, such love in those eyes. When your heart hurts do go visit Rainbow Bridge, they have lovely poems and sentiments that heal the pain. Maybe make a special place in the garden to remember him,plant something special in his favourite place. I found that helps.

    Thanks for your kind comments about my Minty on my blog.

    Art Saves as Jenny Doh says and she’s so right. Take time to heal

    luv n hugs

    Billie x

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