Walking on faith, stuff and creativity

As I continue to clear out unused “stuff” I am reminded of how much money has gone into the accumulation of said stuff.  Stuff I “just had to have” needed to try; scrap clubs with “amazing kits” altered art clubs that never quite “delivered” in  terms of my expectations. Just cookie cutter stuff.  This was my SABLE environment (stuff amassed beyond life expectancy) and I even have a sign to that effect.  

We are fortunate to have a local flea market where I can sometimes find ephemera to use, instead of buying replicas from the major scrapbook suppliers.  Right now, I am trying to rethink my art styles and slowly weed out the rest of the things.  I know that I can use a lot of the papers, but after unloading a lot on my friend, Jeanette, there is still a lot to deal with.   How many jars of buttons do you need, and how do you use them?   Why did I buy these Prismacolor sticks and how come I did not open them to find out 20% of them were broken beyond usage?   What in the hell was I thinking with the grunge/chip and art board?   Did I really need all of these little drawers for sorting and if so, why haven’t I used any of it?  I wanted to try my hand at beading, had a subscription to a mag, bought tools, beads, wire…nada.  Same with clay. Wanted to learn to make beads, miniature things for the girls doll house etc…got the clay, then decided I needed a pasta maker so that also went on the shelf to wait.   The box of clay sits right next to the Xyron machine, Bind it All and  Ranger Melting pan…all unused and waiting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My priorities, they are a changin… And while I solemnly promise that  while my spending ways have changed.  I must find a way to create something out of what is… All of the lovely papers and doo dads and sprays that I don’t have can be made out of what I do have.  I have checks, cherries,  1950 and ’60’s images,  and tissue paper patters.  I found some seam binding that I could write numbers on, or stamp the words  PARIS or Bon Voyage on…and there must be a 4 year supply of tape for my Scotch gun, (which I am sorry, that I did not wait for and get the pink one, lol.)        

I say all of this to say, if you don’t see me creating and making a conscious effort to be the artist I want to be, cyber kick me!                                                                                                                                         


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