Glad all over…or glad it’s over…

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in Sweden… I can honestly say my tastes have changed because I got things I wanted and did not have to ask for them…case in point…

I’m easy…

I have wanted to try and burn my own stencils for a while, but did not have the tools to do it… I am so happy!   I also received some calligraphy pens and charcoal and graphite pencils…My kids are so cool, encouraging my madness! 🙂

Received a call Tuesday, The kids in my daughters class had been out in the forrest working on their survival/camping skills, when her group started chopping down a tree.  The tree was felled after 2 blows of the ax, right on to my child…

I had spend the better part of the morning cutting grass and sweating profusely when I had to spring up to the school and wait for an ambulance to take her to the hospital.  ( one of the drawbacks on small town life in Sweden, is that major services like x rays are only done in the big city.)

Three and a half hours later ( and a $50 cab ride back to the small town) we arrived home.  The Princess was given some food, asprin and proceeded to prop up in the best tv spot in the house… Now, normally the storming Jersey Girl would come out and demand explanations…( HOW in hades can children be given axes and the teacher not be present???  HOW is chopping down trees helping them during a school day???)  Alas, I was too stressed to complain.  It was not until my evil step sister and best friend (Jeanette) 😉 got me all souped up, LOL!!!!

I am SO in love with USTREAM!!!  I am learning so much just chatting and watching the creative souls at play!  I no longer think of myself creating art, alone!


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