Sometimes easy is best.

My friend Jeanette gave me a piece of her enormous Jasmine bush, that has bloomed every summer since I received it.  I really wanted to move it, but all of a sudden, there was something else growing up right in the middle of it…first, inhale deeply from the jasmine…I promise you what comes next is not as good…

 That was the good part, now comes what happens when your OCD kicked in and you do not keep a list of synchronized storage places…

I had swapped traded and bought journals but did not look in the suitcase that i was saving to alter with Tim Holtz paper…  When I finally started to clean out under my husbands desk, I discovered something else… ( That is another post.  Some people on TRADERA are selling the new resist paper one sheet of each for almost $10.00 for 8 pieces…  THAT is why I buy and import from other places.



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4 responses to “Sometimes easy is best.

  1. Oh the jasmine…I thought I could smell it. Or I wish I could smell it.
    Oh the journals….

  2. Jasmine is beautiful. The journals look awesome. At least you are set for a while and won’t need to purchase any!!??!! : )

  3. oh, the Jasmine is beautiful, istit from the one from my garden? I can juse som of the jurnals if you vant to sale them to me… hugs Jeanette

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