I am on fire…

I have “met” the nicest  group of creative people in the world by blogging.  If is a way to stay in touch, see what people are doing and basically expand your knowledge base, with out an invasive phone call, or even burning gas.

I watched a stream by Fran at Randomly Crafty and she was showing how to do a coptic stich bookbinding.  I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to make my own journals.  I watched the stream and when I had time later, I went back and watch and worked along with her…it was awesome and I did it!!!  It was not tough at all and being able to see her do it, ask questions when it was live was amazing!I had a problem with the signatures, because the paper was 200gram water color, but it was what I wanted to use, so I fought with it, distressed the edges like Fran showed to give it an uneven look.  I used the Martha Stewart score thingy, which has such a bogus “bone” folder, I ditched it and went back to my quilting ruler and a stylus tip.  A few of my signatures went crooked (note to self, use lighter paper!) because Iforgot the cardnal rule Mark the TEMPLATE TOP SIDE AND THEN THE SIGNATURES.I am only using cardboard for the covers because it was light, and would be easy to decorate, plus if it went wonky and I had to abort the mission, I could just pop it off and begin again.  I have the stuff, I just have to find it and learn how it works together.  I’m still decorating but I did it!I dug out some old scrapkits I had been saving for one day and decided one day was now.  I was spending time preparing for the process, instead of making it happen…I am SO psyched!!!!



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2 responses to “I am on fire…

  1. This is great. I am now stoked to try my hand at coptic binding, too, thanks to you! 🙂

  2. So great that someday is now. And your journal is great too. And I just had some great inspiration while reading your post. So thanks for that.

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