It*s all about color

This is the cover of my new ring bound journal… I cannot buy a SMASH book, primarily because I wanted to learn how to use my own papers and supplies and because I think it is reprehensible that the scrapbooking industry is trying to cash in on a cottage industry that has managed to thrive underground for the last13 years or so.  This book consists of 60 or more of my favorite sheets of paper, cut in half and punched into a 4 ring binder..   I was motivated to use the paper by THE JOURNAL ARTISTA and Dede two of the ladies that have taught me that paper comes and goes, it is what you do with it when it is in your hands that counts, lol…


Filed under Mixed media art, repurposed items, The truth, tough economic times, WTF?

4 responses to “It*s all about color

  1. Diane

    Like all of the texture and the colors, great job!

  2. Oh dear, I don’t know what a SMASH book is. I must know! Your cover is lovely. My colors.

  3. Wow. I have never heard of a SMASH book. I checked out a You Tube video to get some more info. I don’t see the difference in a commercially made SMASH book and a plain old blank journal. Go figure.

  4. Loving where YOUR book is headed..keep up the great work!

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