Recycle, repurpose and reuse. RAK?

Watching a lot of artists stream and learning new and wonderful techniques to enhance my mixed media journey.   I admire all of the wonderful products and inventions available to my friends and artists companions in the States and in other countries.  I do, however, have an affinity for those that choose to go the alternative route and make literally something out of nothing.  I was at Amy’s blog and she used an Uncle Ben’s Rice container to make a journal out of.   I had a big laugh while I was there and learned how she did it, sans the fringe, bells and whistles.  It seems real and she is brutally honest as well as talented.  Much love, Amy.Took a laundry detergent box ( No Tide, here, lol!) cut it to 7½ by 8½  and reinforced the side where the flap opening was with mesh, Aileen’s Tacky Glue and let it dry.   I’m going to collage it inside and out so, pay no attention to the outside. 🙂   Continuing my mission to clean the art hovel, I continue to find goodies that I cannot remember buying or why… This is why the 30 DAY CRAFT CLEANSE ( no purchase) is so important to me.  I need to find the stuff I have, learn to use it or donate it someone to who is also aspiring to learn to art.found ephemera an ink refill, mini stapler and staples…I feel bad that I have spent so much money on things I thought I had to have.  This challenge has really given me reason to pause and think about my habits.



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6 responses to “Recycle, repurpose and reuse. RAK?

  1. Gina! I just got your comment! Thanks for visiting my blog all the way from Sweden! What’s it like there? Originally from the States…must be different? Anywhoo…when your ready to order your book next week…it’ll be shipped right off to you….Hope the weather is warm and pleasant! Smiles…Lovey

  2. !!!!!
    yeah! Cool!

    That makes me happy!

    No really. it does.

    This is, i’m afraid, a lame comment because i just used up all of my words on my offspring, but
    oforget it, this *is* a lame comment.

    I wish it weren’t.
    Let me think of something to unlame it.

    mmm – i still can’t think of anything because all of my words are dried up or whatever.

    I’d give you a joke, but i caught myself recycling jokes THree times today, so i’d better not do that either.

    okay, i’ll stick with
    that makes me happy!


  3. I will have to check out Amy’s blog. thanks for sharing. It looks like you are having fun going through your stash. HOVEL, you are so funny, Gina. My dining room/multi purpose room looks like a hovel right about now.

  4. Will definitely take a look at Amys blog, love using the day to day things we have in our midst. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the soap box…..your supplies that have been unearthed reminds me that I need to do some clearing out this week, might join the 30 days of craft cleanse if its not too late, have a blessed week. Amanda

  5. Most of my art is created with found objects. About the only thing I buy is the occasional sketchbook with watercolor paper pages. Have fun with the box and be sure to post a pic when you finish.


  6. Just like you Gina, I also try to use stuff I already have and make something out of nothing. I have a set of miniature cereal boxes waiting to be turned into a set of mini journals.

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