I have a dream ..bargains wanted.

No, I’m not mad or rich,  I am however, trying to live my artful life abroad with no access to the sales and bargains I love and remember from my treks up and down Routes 9, 22, 46 and the New Jersey Turnpike.

I want to touch a Copic Marker and see what all the fuss is about.(sidebar: a refillable pen?  does the ink cost as much as new pen?  Do the tips wear down?  Why do people want to be certified to use a pen, lol?

I’d like to own a set of hot new stamps or a pad of paper that everyone is using and see what I could do with it. Glassine paper? nah, I could do with a roll of waxed paper so I could make my own. (no offense, Tim)  I dream of bright new colors of paint scored on sale for $.77 …tags and journaling cards only seen from afar.   Clear gesso…not here.  I have even stopped torturing myself with the emails from Joann’s.  If there were such an animal as a 50% off coupon here in Sweden, the 30% duty you had to pay on the import,plus the markup would make it a -10% coupon.

“There are new distressed colors? you don’t say?  The Big Bite now comes in Pink, too cute! (insert tinkly laugh here…).  I’m saving my coupon for the paper pads when they go half price… The New Graphic 45 accessories are in the dollar bin along with the Washi tape ( strong OMG, here)!”  Ok, I’m jealous.  I’m hating very hard, lol… 

No cheese was pasturized in the making of this whine. 🙂



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2 responses to “I have a dream ..bargains wanted.

  1. I don’t have any of those supplies either and there are stores every which way from me. I basically buy blank paper and glue and a pen or two… that’s about it.

    . you can use a piece of bubble wrap for a great stamp
    . corrigated cardboard is fun to play with
    . try putting a shaped item (key?) under paper and rubbing over it with a colored pencil… or crayons like you did when you were a kid.

    See what you come up with.


  2. Your blog is beautiful! I read your comment on the Crafter’s Companion Challenge blog this a.m.. As an overseas crafter, we’d love to see your take on our challenge and you can become a guest design team member. Unfortunately, Crafter’s Companion USA only ships prizes out w/i the U.S. You may want to also look at our Crafter’s Companion UK challenge blog. http://ccmonthlychallenge.blogspot.com/

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