Win some, lose some.

Right now, I am in the latter category.  After an afternoon of watching the ever fabulous Rach do inkjet transfers in her journal.   I felt ready to try it.  She said cheap photo paper worked best.  I have a supply of generic Quill brand  ( Swedish “Staples”, which incidentally was bought out by Staples just last year).

Well, I guess I should have test run somewhere other than my journal because a pending disaster soon became reality…lol

The makeshift paint pallet is there to disguise the horror that is my transfer… the black marks on the left are where I laid my stamp pad, not knowing I had not closed the lid…it only goes down hill from here,  🙂

Still not thwarted, I press on. I choose another paper (same make, different gloss/weight) and try again.  This time, I get the paper rubbed off, but the final layer is not revealed or lifting.  I then lift it to see if it has transferred, and the whole film layer of the paper comes up.  No transfer just the plastic overlay of the photo paper…

  • Lessons learned.: Never do test runs in your journal, if they go bad…well, we won’t go there.
  • Close your ink pad before you lay it down, better still clean your desk and stop arting on the keyboard tray.
  • Don’t be put off by failure or as The Journal Artista says, a ” flopertunity” .  It makes for a blog post and a good laugh!

plan B if this continues south…


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  1. Word Press just informed me that this is my 400th blog post! Yay me..:)

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