Found objects, rekindled love

I have a habit of seeing someone use a “thing”, demonstrate a craft or produce a picture and I immediately want to “do it”.  Having taken the 30 day craft challenge and committing to not buying anything (aside from the stencils that were marked down from 6-7 dollars to 2-3  dollars at Panduro I plurged on 5 of those puppies 🙂 , I have held a close reign on the pocket book.    I have more than enough stuff to art with, it is just a matter of learning how to use it and improvising which my lovely friend Darla reminded me of ( the lump on my head still hurts, D!

Learning to love what I have and realizing that I don’t need stuff to art, just do it…  Here are some photos of things I am learning to love again, first the joy of being organized…brings my OCD heart such happiness!

My favorite coffee cup and spoon.  Since The Hubbs has the laptop, I have to use the desk one.  That also means all of the business stuff is getting pushed to the side to make way for my stuff, lol.   I like having the light of the long summer days to blog by.   The jars that hold my pencils and brushes are from the local flea market… slightly cracked but still have lots of character!

This is a vintage photo album that Jeanette gave me to alter…I had hidden it away in the someday pile, but having remembered how I got in to altered books (visit Flickr and look up Citrus Faire)  I decided to stop loving it and work on it. Gesso is my friend…

Mamba jamba vintage album

Still cannot figure out how to resize /scale my photos in PSE or WP…dug out the twinkling H2O’s that I splurged on 3 years ago…wish I had that money now. Dug out and sorted all of the small packs of paper and put them in one cube.  The good thing about this system is that it holds a lot, the bad thing is that there are not shelves to sort things.some organized areas of my Expedit that help me see what is there… These are the nice organized areas, lol…the rest is under construction…



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4 responses to “Found objects, rekindled love

  1. Goodness, you have quite a stash. I’m happy to see you are using it. I have an old photo album similar to yours and admit (blush) it has been sitting unused. Be sure to show me what you do with yours, I could use some inspiration on that.


  2. OOOoooohh. Makes me want to go organize my crafting corner (and that’s all I have, really, is a corner). Were those colorful pots all paints? NICE! And a summer wave back atcha. I don’t blog as often as I’d like what with working full time and all, but I check in now and then. 🙂
    p.s. pls delete my post just above, this is the right one! oops! 🙂

  3. Love your collection of crafty goodness! I hear you on the struggle of holding the pocket book close. I think I buy and buy and buy to satisfy that desire I have to craft, but nothing satisfies like actually crafting. I have pa-lenty, yet still I buy. eeeesh!
    Lovely blog, by the way… Glad you came over so I could come over!

  4. happyDiane

    Good to hear that you are doing well with the challenge, looking forward to seeing some crafty goodness from you!

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