cool beans…

Someone told me that it is better to watch a recorded stream on Internet Explorer, which I never use…but i have to admit, it works great.

While waiting for the home page to load, this little gem popped up! How to make a box with faux book spines to hide stuff in! 

(sidebar… I asked for the Expedite system from Ikea, and got it, but I have 6 individual units of 4.  The 1-3/4 inch thickness on the top and bottom of each cube is more than would have been on the 12 unit piece so I have like almost 4″ of wasted space between the bottom 4 and the top 4… I am going to try this and see if I can cover that deadspace…)

This is the link that they provided, so I hope it works, but I have to try it!

Creative and crafty Saturday, friends!



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3 responses to “cool beans…

  1. Ha! I love boxes and hidden stuff. I wonder how I can make this work. I have a book shelf but it is actually full of books.


  2. Oh my goodness did you get a chance to try this yet? I love the idea & the look…show & tell when ya do 🙂

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