Breaking the fast, with books

Found nice copies of books I had wanted to read for awhile.  If nothing else, the no spending embargo taught me one thing:  I can wait for what I really want and already have what I need.    I don’t have collections of pads, inks and stuff.  I don’t use half of what I have.  I donate the unused items to our local Senior craft room in town.    The 30 day Craft Challenge has made me aware of how much I spend under the guise of “creating art” and I am determined to justify my purchases in the future.

I am reading The Steampunk Bible by Jeff Vandermeer.Has lots of interesting connotations about the origin of steampunk and mega vintage images of  posters and pre punk art.  Not exactly what I thought it would be, more a historical overview than a how to which I thought would be included.  Also on the plate is Steampunkery: Polymer clay and Mixed Media Projects.  Last year, I purchased some Fimo and Sculpey and other types of clay from someone that was changing crafts.  I got a nice locking bowl with about a kilo of packs of unopened clay and a few bright colors that were partially opened…good deal for 18£.  I did not have any molds and pretty much had forgotten about it until a fellow streamer started displaying all of the lovely items she was making for ATC embellishments,  journal covers, etc…I was not sure that that was the path i wanted to take in exploring, so I opted for: Bad choice…not only are the projects off the chart, they are not even in the stratosphere of my clay skills.  Next time, I will wait for someone else to be the guinea pig.


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7 responses to “Breaking the fast, with books

  1. I am fascinated by steampunkery but It has never called me to try. I’m sure if there were double hours in the day, it would.

  2. I’ll have to tell my daughter about the steampunk bible – she is really into it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Gina!! I’m totally hooked on your blog. It’s been 3 days and many hours while I read your blog with much anticipation, laughter, joy, sadness, understanding and absolute delight for the person you are! You’re a great writer…evidenced by the fact that I’ve read your blog from 2011 all the way back to 2006…post by post. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed reading someone’s blog so much and I know it’s trite but true, and been said a gazillion times, but…Thanks for sharing!! Eileen xxo (The Scrap Pit)

    • A little follow up here. Thank you for visiting my blog! I wish I could respond directly from blogspot but it doesn’t allow it…or I just don’t know about it! The background to my “Art is” page is watercolor crayon, but I used diaper wipes to blend it. A lot of crayon and a little moisture really makes the colors brighter.

      There’s a lot more journal prompt sites out there. Daisy Yellow and Tracy Bautista to name two. I think I’ll be looking for more.

      Feel free to use my email anytime. There was so much in your blog that I related to…I feel like I really know you. See ya on Twitter and chat! xxo

  4. Like Sharon, I am fascinated by steampunk but I haven’t tried to make something in this style till now. I’m trying to figure out a way to grow more hours in a day. Never enough time, to do all that I want to do…lol.
    Have you seen my latest creation? 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Big hugs Gaby

  5. Thanks for your kind visit and your lovely comments:)
    Do you wear earrings?

    Hope your day is going great!

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