Starting new chapters in creativity.

I love reading. The only thing that keeps me from reading all of the time are my family, housework: stuff like that.

In September one of my favorite events of the year happens: The American Women’s Club book swap.

This is my door buster, must be at event of the year. This is where I go with my LARGE Coach tote filled with empty canvas bags and clean up like a bandit. Most people try to skulk out without taking their unswapped books with them. Not me…I lie in wait like a seasoned ninja and pounce on them as well as the flipped through mags like Oprah and National Geographic… Fabulous collage materials and FREE!? All it costs me is a box of chilled white wine ( no good bookswap attendee would EVER bring red to a hostesses house with moving bags and books) 🙂

I love the smell of newsprint in the morning.


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