A “wee” bit of crafting.

The lovely Sarah over at  The hand made card blog was streaming a project using beer coasters for a mini book.  I had been working on the kebab skewer book and was feeling pretty good, lol..   Having had reasonable success (in my opinion 😉 ) with a project she did last Saturday, I decided to try for a double.  Here are the side and front cover views of the journal I made.  I did not cut enough tabs on the edge of the papers (should have been 6 per signature) and I missed one tab on the inside of a set, but all in all, I was quite happy.  The paper is from my Canson Mixed MEdia book (I accidently ordered the super size and it is too large to work in, so I unbound the papers and am learning how to bind my own.  The first was a few months ago using a coptic stitch.unfortunately, the part that shows the skewers will not post so onward… to the beer mat book WIP. now the blog is going crazy.  or am I sleepy… We will put a comma here.  To be continued.


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