Summer has left the building…

The last days of August were colder than expected…to the point where we actually had to take out blankets.  Hurricane Irene made its way across the Atlantic and now we are fighting high winds, heavy rains and just regular Swedish weather (insert hearty laugh, here.!). 🙂

Out on the deck, I leave my plants until the first frost, but then I noticed my Easter daffodils blooming again, my succulent “jade” type plants were looking really robust (and just color me surprised, because I was just going out to clean off the pine needles and had forgotten they were out there! )  😮  Hurricane Irene is still passing through Europe and we have just received a respite from the rains and the sun it peeking through for the first time in 4 days!












I did receive the final 2 books I had ordered from which is the only place I can order from and not have my packages held hostage.  Here are the books, Sarah demo’ed and I love a good book!












There may not be money for the latest in supplies and things, but a book is a thing of joy in our house.  These are going to be great friends of mine.


Lastly the craft “hovel” can’t really be called that anymore.  I have mailed away over 2oo dollars in postage :Raks, favors and stuff I could not bear to throw away, because I knew someone else wanted it.   Still have a ways to go, but it gets easier the more space you have to operate in. I cannot bear having 3 of an item, because I know there is someone out there that does not own one.   Gotta eat the elephant one bite at a time, lol

Slutligen hantverket “ruckel” inte riktigt kan kallas det längre. Jag har skickat iväg över 2oo kronor i porto: Raks, tjänster och grejer jag kunde inte stå ut med attkasta bort, eftersom jag visste att någon annan ville ha det. Fortfarande har ett sätt att gå, men det blir lättare ju mer utrymme du har att verka i. Jag kan inte bära att ha 3 av ett objekt, eftersom jag vet att det är någon där ute som inte äger en.Måste äta elefanten en tugga i taget, lol!


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3 responses to “Summer has left the building…

  1. Good for you with organizing your art room! I love books too especially arts and crafts books. The one on the left looks cool. Have fun perusing your new books and have a great day!

  2. Books are good, you can “use” them over and over again. It is kind of liberating to de-stash once in awhile isn’t it?


  3. We.. they call it Indian summer right now.. .don’t know what they mean by it really… though we are having warmer temps than normally. That does not help me much though since I’m pessimistic… awaiting the harsh. undesirable winter… YIKES!

    *dreaming about a summer paradise island*

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