Sick and even sicker, still.

As if it cannot get any worse for me… I broke several teeth today.  I know I should not be chewing bubble gum. Now my impants have fractured off to nubs on the right side.  I am preparing to be toothless as it is going to cost over $1,200 to repair, over 70,00 swedish kroner (about $10,000  to replace).  I fractured it eating carrots earlier this spring.

 I give up.



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3 responses to “Sick and even sicker, still.

  1. Aww, Gina, poor you. Hope you’re able to find funds for the repairs. Dental work is extortionate in the UK too. Hugs, M xx

  2. it always amazes me what dentists can get away with charging.



    i’m sorry about your choppers.

  3. D*mn teet problems! And costs around it! I hate it. And I think the dental work nowadays are so bad done, always something wrong with it, too weak, too easy to break them!

    …and I really cant understand why it’s not counting as normal health care… will never understand why our teeth not belongs to our bodies?


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