Recycling: it’s hard to be green.

Here is my new art journal I made after watching the Prima stream and following Fran’s copic stich video AGAIN. (tried to watch other you tubers, but they don’t make any sense, so stick with what you know! 😉   )

Made of heavy embossed board, painted with acrylic paints then covered with UTEE and heat set.  Binding is copic stitched with waxed natural thread.  There are 5 binding holes with  5 signatures.  Each signature contains 4 sheets of 240 gr paper.

The edges of the paper are distressed and a little paint applied to tie it in.

On the ends are a few beads and glass leaves.  I did not bead all the way up because I did not want them under my wrist when I am working in it.





























I am always trying to find new ways to reuse things and recently several artsy friends have done challenges to reuse household items to make a journal and another, to take a plastic bottle and do something with it… Well, I have part one…

It is an oil bottle. 2 liters…it says bird feeder to me, but not quite sure where the cuts should go…have to think a little longer, lol.









Next.  We had a couple boxes of grapes.  I normally don’t buy them, because they are so expensive here, but the carton spoke to me…












Now I can keep out some ribbons to use and don’t have to dig in the big plastic container or in here the loose and meter cut ribbons 😮



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3 responses to “Recycling: it’s hard to be green.

  1. WOW love your book – it looks fantastic – and some great ideas for recycling/repurposing


  2. Gina, super & duper journal, love the colors & the way they shimmer. and nice ideas on the upcycle

  3. Kim

    Wow Gina, I LOVE that journal cover!

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