The “G” spot.

 I really try hard to keep my personal life away from my blog.  It started out personal, but I saw myself being pulled in a direction I did not want to go in, thus my redirect towards artsy stuff.  ( insert the voice of Dr. Phil saying ” but means “forget what I just said, now I’m gonna tell you what I REALLY mean”, here”).  I felt myself veering and thinking Man, I so could jump on a pity party right now, but I shan’t…nope.  Will absolutely not.  I am on the right side of the grass, I have my health and although I don’t have what I “want” I have enough to get by.

I am in the gratitude spot.

That place where I choose to be positive; not lurk  or dwell in the negative.  I know I have enough of that to weigh me down, but worrying will not change it.  It will not lessen my burden, nor will it increase my happiness.   There are so many things that I cannot do, but then again…I will deal with those I can.  it is a choice.  People all over the globe are having problems, at least I am alive.

Doing some alive art, lol… No photos of me being alive, you just have to take my word for it 😉



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5 responses to “The “G” spot.

  1. Hiya Gina. Fab words to live by! Not easy to practice so I totally commend you on your amazing outlook. Being limited myself I too have seen the ‘dark’ side suck me in many a time. Not easy to stay in your happy place. So huge supportive hugs coming your way. You are a total inspiration and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are true strong woman!!! Thanks for the very wise words ;)))) Long live art and it’s healing effect!!!!

  2. hey. i read this earlier today – but i didn’t comment. i wanted to come back and tell you that your words totally resonated (spelling!) with me.

  3. hej, kolla in denna länk… hon bor i Knivsta… kom in i butiken…och sa att hon pysslar…

  4. Så känner jag också ibland. Men vet du vad – det kommer bli bra, kanske inte idag, eller imon eller inom en månad för den delen MEN det kommer bli bra en dag. ^^

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