Ideas for holiday cards? Help wanted :)

A wise woman said “don’t do anything complicated” because it is hard to reproduce over and over… ( ok, it was Clare) 🙂  So far I have vetoed: stamped and embossed snowflakes, foil transfers, flocking and hand sewn beadwork on my Christmas cards.

Isn’t there anything easy and practical that I can do to get some holiday cards made?

Short list of things I would like to use :

  1. Stickles
  2. cardstock
  3. ribbon/twine or raffia
  4. paper flowers
  5. printed paper ¨
  6. photo images.    

 So far, 4 cards later, all of them are bombs…any ideas?  I want it to look really and original  (notice number ONE  and 8-10 are missing.  Those are key components I need help with.  Any suggestions, advice…recommendations?  Remember you are the recipient of this card, lol!






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2 responses to “Ideas for holiday cards? Help wanted :)

  1. How about using some Rub-on sentiments or designs, they are quick and easy. Matt them onto a nice co-ordinated cardstock and layer them up.
    Search through flickr for some ideas – there’s tons on there 🙂
    Happy creating!

    xo Lorri

  2. I have an aversion to making the same thing over and over, once made 12 cards for a group I was in never again. But if you are determined here’s an idea.

    Make a card with a Christmas Ornament (ball) on it. Buy blank cards/evy;s (unless you want to make your own). Cut circles out of pretty papers. Glue circles to card. Write JOY (or peace or ?) on the circle – maybe write in glitter. Make a bow out of pretty ribbon and put it on the top. There you go!


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