The week gone by.

Bought lots of colds and flu symptoms.  I usually take a trip to the US at the end of October, but alas, the (un) employment situation has not made that possible.  That being said, there is something to be said about being positive under demanding circumstances. When I get there, I will let you know, lol.   While I was bed and bath close , I had time to pick at my altered book, clip and mount stamps I had forgotten about and just get over the stomach illness.

Visited some ustreamers today and found lots of paper folding going on at Barb’s-. There was also some origami which left me more stressed because I could not get the folds right…note to self, calming things can be stressful, too.   Barb has also finished her book entitled “ Normal doesn’t live here anymore.”  It is written specifically for those that becoming caregivers for their elderly parents.  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to care for my parents as their illnesses were swift and traumatic.  I will buy a copy just because I need to find peace with the fact that I did not participate in my parents transition on their final journey.

Was unable to attend any live streams this week, but I saw lots of impressive things.  You really have to see Dede and the magic turkey.  To be able to art and craft like some of these AMAZING people is a true gift.  Whether it be assemblage, cards, drawings or knitting, you truly have to be impresses at the level of talent these ladies have and share out of the kindness of their heart.  A wonderful, supportive and gracious group of people you could ever help to meet.  Just pick one person and see who they follow.  You can find the rest of the links, there.

To all my Swedish friends: A local friend has turned her craft into a reality and has a storefront where she sells fabulous goodies.  Please stop by JEANETTE’S place and take a look at all of the local goodies she is making.  Christmas cards are in production as well as other good stuff.   Her shop is directly to the left of the train station and the store hours are shown on her blog.


Have a great week.  I leave you with the proceeds from my big shop from Tim Holtz’s Etsy shop sale… Eat your heart out, bwahahah.



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  1. Oh I hope you will feel better!

    And I know whats it like to miss ones home country.. I used to not be bothered by it when I was younger but now we are taking more and more trips to Africa to see my family.

    Hope you find a job soon!

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