50,000 Visitors Can’t be wrong! GiveAWAY!

(Either that, or they came here looking for the product from the movie Coming to America, lol!  Either way, I’m flattered, pleased, happy and surprised so that means a GIVEAWAY!!!  No, not Jason Momoa but he will be drawing the winning number on on January 17th 2010!  ( ok, I’m so lying, but god, isn’t he hot!? *fans self*)  Leave a comment, that’s it…no begging, no pleading no forwarding your great uncles passport or monocle.   You will have your choice of original art or an art goodie! either way, its free, right? A’aIGHT!?



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9 responses to “50,000 Visitors Can’t be wrong! GiveAWAY!

  1. Jason is a “goodie” alright – I say that with a blush ’cause I’m old enough to be his Momma, Heee!
    Nothing like a giveaway so sign me up.


    • You know what is funny? My counter was at 49,993 when I noticed and posted the giveaway…now it is past that and no one stops in.. Maybe my tags are misleading? Too bad his wife ( Lisa Bonet) is just as purdy, lol.

  2. I love Jason Momoa. I’ve pinned him a couple……..on Pinterest.

  3. ooooo he is DEE-LISH… well done on all those visitors. x

  4. Congrats! Awesome giveaway! And thanks for stopping by my blog 😉

  5. HappyDiane

    A generous giveaway! I do enjoy your blog.

  6. Hi, just popped over from Fran’s blog to try to introduce myself to other UIU pledge takers. Looking forward to seeing what you create this year. Hugs karen x

  7. I don’t know the guy but this granny would take him home anyday!
    (don’t quite remember what I’d do with him though ???)
    Great blog.

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