Off to Brazil Postcard challenge 2012

ImageSeveral weeks have passed and he thought he would not hear from her again. No card, no calls.  Danny had a gig that evening and was remiss to wait any longer. ” I’m out” he said to no one in general.  Waiting at the front door of the small apartment was his dog, Friend. “Ah’ MAN!  Not you TOO?”  The dog cocked his shaggy head to one side as if to say, “hey, don’t ask me, I was ready hours ago”.  Danny grabbed the leash, coupled up the giant dustmop and started for the foyer.  Just then, the phone rang.  Urgently and steadily it blared until he counted to four and the machine picked up.  He continued out of the door to take Friend for a quick walk before it was time to get his equipment together. Banging down the brick steps, Danny launched into a quick trot anxious to get Friend off of the blazing concrete and on to a grassy patch on which to handle his business.  Danny began to make a mental list of songs and mixes.   Songs to get the crowd on its feet and mixes to make them sweat.  As Friend moved anxiously around the grassy area, Danny let his mind wander back to his flat…to the ringing phone he ignored.  Why did he avoid it?



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19 responses to “Off to Brazil Postcard challenge 2012

  1. ooo who was on the phone? love the name of the giant dustmop dog lol

  2. Fabulous collaged card….and I’m raising an eyebrow…why didn’t he answer the phone…who is he avoiding….will Friend do his stuff on the grass? 😀 XXX

  3. Fantastic card. I like the idea of the coordinates on the card. Great Job!

  4. I don’t totally know what is about… Have you been reading romance novels and feeling inspired? 🙂

    All I know is… Avoid Brazil if you hubby is white! Nasty women. Mulatto Jezebel hussies the lot of them.

  5. OH this turned out totally awesome!! *huggles* =0)

  6. Oh, what a great idea you had! ♥
    And so looking forward to find out who he missed on the phone… 🙂

  7. Really liking your card – love the trees and now I want some really good coffee! Hope Danny has a message to listen to when he gets home…who could it be!?!

  8. I like the map coordinates and all those trees!

  9. love the card. can almost feel the fresh air and moisture. love the coordinates and the word Brazil over the other text. fabulous. hmmm didn’t want to answer the phone wonder who he’s avoiding. so considerate of Friend and the hot sidewalk. He’s definitely a caring person.

  10. Love that rainforest! Who was on the phone? Next instalment please.

    Janet xx

  11. Yeah Danny! Why didn’t you pick up the phone! 🙂 Great card!

  12. this has turned out brilliantly, love the co-ordinates added to the front too that is a nice touch 🙂

  13. He should have answered the phone, but he can always hear the message afterwards. Will it be too late by then…..intrigue. Love the card too.

  14. I would love to walk that dog but please tell who was on the phone?

  15. Cool card! the plot thickens…M

  16. Jenny Pearson

    Like the card, the different elements are clever. Intriguing story line.
    Jen x

  17. coordinates — so cool to use ’em. story’lious

  18. Lovely – and by coincidence: we just sent hubbys daughter off for a shorter trip to Brasil, or Rio to be more exact. She’s there right now, the lucky one. I would love to switch climate with them…

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