China: The forbidden information.

One day while surfing the internet, DJ Mignon decides to google himself. DJ is surprised to find that he is listed in Holland and sends a post card to “the other” DJ Mignon.  Dutch DJ writes back and the New York lad is interested in learning more about what his counterpart does and if there are any other commonalities they share.

On the second exchange, DJ reveals that he is a  New Yorker, born and bred and operates a successful music service: supplying high end-disk jockeys to  posh events and mega media productions.  DJ’s only love is his mixed breed mutt,  Friendly; who shares a spacious 4 bedroom brownstone in a trendy area of Manhattan.

This week, I decided to scan in my cards( curses camera battery), but the scanner does not capture the colors in the background.  There is a painted surface of black and red with gold glaze. Inside the envelope is a poem on parchment paper. Sorry the scan is a tad crooked, also! 🙂

                                                                                   The back of the card,. of course is not participating as well.  The writing is actually very legible, except for my reads: Why a P.P. Box? Are you afraid I will appear on your door step? Must have missed your call. Lots of work this time of year. Can you send a photo? ( Just want to make sure you are not a dude 😉 D.J.



January 30, 2012 · 1:37 pm

11 responses to “China: The forbidden information.

  1. HappyDiane

    loving the red! I think that is why I’ve enjoyed China so much!bright rich colors.Your story is getting interesting.

  2. Lovely postcard! I am enjoying your story and I am wondering why the P O box too!

  3. Jenny Pearson

    Lovely vibrant postcard. re your request as to how i did the mountains on my Postcard. I used a big and juicy ink pad and a brayer. I tore my mountains from copier paper and laid the top part on my glossy card and brayered below in gray. I did this a couple of times to get snow and a darker colour. Then I played around with two sets of hills on paper and brayered between and so on. It took me ages to learn that I should take off almost all of the ink off the roller and do it a second time if necessary rather than go dark first time. Still not great at it but improving. Hope that helps
    Jen x

  4. great colours on your postcard. An interesting storyline, be back next week to find out more..

  5. Great colors, like the handwriting. This postcard project/story is really interesting


  6. I have loved all the china cards, the bright reds, gorgeous images especially the dragons and pandas, its been a great week. My scanner is unpredictable too, it scans stuff way too light and I have no clue when it comes to customizing the settings lol

  7. So many things I like about this card. Your background is awesome and I love that you put the envelope on it as well. Nice handwriting by the way!

  8. Positively luxurious card and page!!!! “Want to make sure your not a dude” Lol 😀 XXX

  9. Superb card and so dramatic. I wonder what a dude constitutes?

    Janet xx

  10. great card Gina. love the story too
    going to check out the rest of your blog now

  11. hey Gina! It’s not too late to join my class. Just email me an I can send you a paypal invoice. Thanks Latrice!

    Scrapbook throw down.

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