Postcard swap, Weeks 6 and 7 From CDG to BRU

Hopefully, this will all make sense.  Last we met, D.J. was sending a “funny missive” to his female counterpart who is traveling on business, she has not explained, or responded to his request for a photo.  Ms.DJ (Dominique Justine) was not amused by his innuendo that she was potentially of the masculine persuasion.  Our yet unseen( but easily ticked off correspondent) fires off a return missive  I am angry with you. Inside my next card will be a letter. Take it out and read it..  Away on business  DJ is unaware of the fury awaiting him decides to  catch a flight to Paris and arrange a meeting with his new but alluring acquaintance  :

Grabbing his ever accumulating pile of male, DJ hails a taxi and heads toward JFK Airport. While perusing the mail, he comes across another post card, this time from DJ, who is obviously traveling and quite clearly not where he assumes she should be.: The anger that springs from the card is unmistakable and DJ then tells the cabbie to take him back to his apartment and to Google translate so he can find out if this friendship can be mended.  Where are the European’s sense of humor, he wonders?  When was the last time I had to chase a woman?

“sidebar” underneath the photo is the “lovely” pencil rendition I tried to make of this waffle.  Not only did I botch it, but the “shadows” that Blade and Dede spoke so intensely about NEVAH materialized, lol.  Back to zentangles…



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4 responses to “Postcard swap, Weeks 6 and 7 From CDG to BRU

  1. pisstkitty

    what fun these are! I think your stopping by my blog was meant to nudge me to finally work with some of my old postcards. Stop by again and see how it worked.

  2. HEY Gina! now divorced 3+ years & living in Dallas, TX. You can email me as so we can reconnect. Looking forward to it girl! Erin

  3. Wow. lovely work :-)) Of course, Paris has a special place in my heart too since it was there hubby proposed to me….

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