The month that was.

Trying to blog more often has not worked out for me.  The twins are graduating high school in two weeks and my job hunt has increased 2 fold.

Here is my wonderful secret sister box that arrived on Friday!. This came from Debra in Saskatchewan, Canada!  She could have just laid them out in a box, but they came packed and stacked,tied together with the

beautiful ribbon you see in the foreground, keys and charms abound.  This is by far the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever given me.  This was a swap organized by

the lovely Laurel .  If you would like to see some of the other participants, please follow the link and see the amazing things that have been made and received!  The bar

is PHENOMENALLY HIGH, lol!  Each package is more grandiose, extravagant and packed with wonderful goodies for their giftee.  The contents of my boxes are spread

over my desk, being handled and admired.   Debra calls this style “Victorian grunge”.   I love it and it is right up my alley, especially with the tea! 🙂

On another note! Sweden won the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!!! (HEJA SVERIGE!!!)  TITTA!!!




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3 responses to “The month that was.

  1. I want to be the first. Sweden has sent so much nonsense, that I am proud that they FINALLY got it RIGHT and sent pop, hip and booyah!

  2. sandi

    what a wonderful box you received. you are right the bar is getting higher and higher.
    also a wonderful performance. love it.

  3. Hi Gina. What gorgeous treasures you have received. Love the “victorian grunge”. Great name.
    Have a wonderful creative day.
    Florence x

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