New (old) paper flowers

I have a lot of old Prima and brand X paper flowers that sit in jars and packages collecting dust.

I was trying to find a way to do a youtube on the following, but alas, the stars were not aligned in my favor. Herewith are the instructions:

  • find old stuff to freshen up:

  • Next, select stamps, inks and what ever else you want to add. More than 3 items and I am confused.and YES, I use the metal stamp art black by Hampton Art.  Lisa Vollrath mentioned these in a video ions ago and I searched high and low  bought one. It has been stamping like a champion for the last 6 years or more and never needed reinking. (I also store my pads upside down) I just wanted to show off the fact that I have more than black ink, lol. 😉

Apply several lines of double sided adhesive onto a piece of scrap paper. Drag the paper over your apron, jeans or pajama leg to remove some of the tack, but leave some of the stickiness. ( If you are a professional type, apply double sided REPOSITIONABLE tape :p )

Ink up your stamp, stamp images onto flowers. Use multiple colors and combine words and pictures to create interest. I KNOW you don’t need a picture for that…lol.  Press the flowers onto your distress ink embossing pad..(which Lisa Vollrath ALSO said you can keep fresh (pronounced furr-sh) by adding some Corn Huskers Lotion, (which is primarily water and glycerin). I have used this for years and am on my first and forever embossing pad. Dip the embossed ink flowers into UTEE and adhere back to  scrap-paper. Dry with heat gun.

  • When the flowers have cooled, mist with your favorite colors of (INSERT WHAT EVER PRODUCT YOU SWEAR BY) Mists. I used Shimmering Mists and  Memories Mist by Stewart Superior. Since the flowers had dimples, the mist only caught where there was no  UTEE.OF course the sun went in as soon as I tried to take photos. I am sure you could use modge poge or what ever, but I have a pound and a half of UTEE, so you do the math, lol. Here is a second photo of the ones that I sprayed with color other than gold and bronze: I know that I am not the first to do this, but I would like to thank Jess, who’s blog link I cannot find right now. She was streaming a large supply of goodies and I KNEW there was no way I would, could or SHOULD be ordering anything else besides the 2 tools I got.
  •  Score is temptation 8, 346/ Gina 1


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7 responses to “New (old) paper flowers

  1. Love how your flowers turned out Gina …. i’m all for using things up, crafting supplies cost a fortune xx

  2. Taking a second look, Gina! These really ARE cool!

  3. Robin

    Love your flowers. Sometimes when you have too much crap it all becomes a jumble and you don’t get to do the simple enjoyable thngs that you used to. Robin

  4. Jojorenee

    Very nice flowers thanks for stopping by This is Me!

  5. Such pretty flowers! Thanks for mini tutorial.

  6. Hei Gina. Sommerfuglen-Fjærilen og swirlene er fra Memory Box. Tusen takk for koselig kommentar i bloggen min! Jannhild

  7. Great idea! I needed this idea because I have so many white boring flowers… 😉
    Have a great week!

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