Going up!

Ok, so everyone knows that the hubbs wanted his desk back as soon as I reorganized and spread out my way (ie: he got the boot)

So, to restore harmony(ie shut him up),I put his desk back in the office.  It was tight. I had to bin my fabric and not used (but like to look at) stuffs…I was not happy.

Then, I got the idea to go vertical. I have a foot stool, thanks to Jeanette ( custom painted with gold frogs).

I am 5’10 …

I was going for it…

here is where I am now…

now, to get my desk cleaned off to make something nice.


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6 responses to “Going up!

  1. Looks great.

    I need to do some reorganizing. I don’t know where to begin…

  2. Hello, my friend! Looks like going vertical work out all right!!!

    Some time ago while I was away from my blog ill, you visited me and left me a very nice comment on a mini book I’d made. Sorry, I’m just getting back to you but I’m just getting back to my blog and I didn’t want your attention to project to go unnoticed. Thank you so much for stopping but also for taking time to comment!!! I always appreciate when someone does that because they don’t have to,

    Before leaving this comment, I took some time to browse here and you are a very talented crafter/artiste!!! I love your site, and plan on visiting again. Hopefully you’ll come see me too; you’ll always be welcome and I’ll always be happy to see you!


  3. Everything looks great! I love your purple and blue containers.

  4. Hey, Gina! You and Barb Owen are so organized! I’m envious of your abilities. Organization is definitely a class I missed! LOL Looks like you had a great time in London, and I’ve had a great time scanning your blog posts. I’ll be back when I can meander with a cup of coffee. Cheers!

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