Blimey, mate! I have been to London to Visit the Queen!

I have been to London, and had a wonderful time.  I had been to England before, but I was in Birmingham, not in the city of London. It was so fabulous to see all of the things that that I had only read about all my life.  The red double decker buses, the taxi cabs, their MARVELOUS “tube” system. ( Note to Mayor of London: Not all of us have 20/20 vision what’s up with that TINY system map?)I was able to replenish my supply of Royal Jelly foaming bath creme; translated constantly for my bff, who was enraged after seeing a sign saying ” Fags Welcome”and could NOT manage to count the change.  Received emergency supplies from home ( deodorant, hair color, Twizzlers and sunflower seeds) 🙂 and had a wonderful time.  This was truly one of the highlights of my 10 years in Sweden. Just being able to understand EVERYTHING being said, reading EVERY paper in the hotel lobby, EVERYday!? I was in heaven.  Even the fact that my bank card did not work did not ruin my great time.   I tried in so many places, but the only places it worked was Sainsbury ( my choice for off licence and LOTS of wonderful spices to bring home) and Boots pharmacy.
The weather was hot the entire week.  The city was gearing up for the Olympics and we were seeing athletes, celebrities and just plain old happy folks sporting their national pride.  My feelings were hurt when I was taking this wonderful of the clock tower ( Big Ben is actually the 4 ton bell INSIDE the clock) when a a bird decided to evacuate on me.  I was embarrassed, smelly like fish and had to listen to the prattle of others talking about that a bird crapping on you was “supposed to be good luck”. Like hell, I’m thinking…  I was hopping, flaming mad, sweating profusely smelly and just wanting to hide. Luckily, I had my bottle of hand sanitizer in my handbag and went to work cleaning off my hair and shirt.  *side bar: to the two clowns that sat behind me, why did you not tell me there was bajs on my back?*  The day we were leaving, the President of The Czech Republic arrived and was staying at our hotel.  There was a large crowd on hand to greet him and we were planted front and center on the hotel patio, being the gawky lookey-looers we were, rotflmao!Many countries had designated locals where supporters could gather and mingle. We just happened to stay next to the Czech House.  The neighborhood of Islington was WONDERFUL and we had the BEST hamburgers in the entire eastern hemisphere at a chain called Byrons(?).   You folks just don’t know how good you have it there, lol.

I am available for work and will relocate to London at the first offer.




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3 responses to “Blimey, mate! I have been to London to Visit the Queen!

  1. HappyDiane

    I have been looking forward to reading about your adventure! Forgive me as I giggle about the bird. It does sound as though you had a wonderful time!

    • Diane: I remember reading a post card from my grandmother when I was 8 and she had traveled to Salt Lake City. Attached was a tiny bag of salt and the card read: Dear kids: Nana’s eyes are sore from all of the looking but you will not believe all I have seen.” It stirred my passion for travel.

  2. That sounds like a great time! I’ve never been to London but I have had the pleasure of a bird pooping on me while in Uganda. Big ugly carcass eating birds too! I did not feel lucky.

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