This is exactly why I dumped my pininterest AND Facecrack accounts. So much energy for virtual nothingness.


By Alicia DiRago, Guest Blogger

Hi! I’m Alicia DiRago, founder of Whimseybox, and we help people Stop Pinning + Start Making*! When I learned about the cre8time movement at the Summer CHA Show a few weeks ago I instantly realized that we were talking about the exact same thing. Here’s why I’m passionate about helping people discover the DIY and craft:

I grew up in a really crafty household- the kind with a designated craft table, a sewing room and parents who made everything themselves from the deck to the decor. Throughout childhood I remember constantly making things myself too, at least up until I left for college. Then I majored in chemical engineering and almost instantly saw my time and energy left for creative pursuits disappear. After graduation I worked as a chemical engineer for about 8 years, and had some great experiences. The best part…

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  1. I did a lot more sewing and crafting before I got so deep into social media. Need to make some changes.

  2. thefrugalcrafter

    I know! i go on pinterest and 2 hours later I forgot what I went there for LOL!

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