Away for a while

Due to a family emergency, I will be away for a while.

By a while, I mean months, potentially. I am not expected to be back for  New Years.

I have 2 days to pack.

2 days to prepare family and plan.

What will I take with me?  Trying to choose…

I have a journal;  some pencils I was gifted.  Trying

to choose is like selecting a favorite child…you can’t.

No one will take care of my things while I am away.

But, they. are .just. things.  I will miss this life as I have come to know it; but I trust

that my journey will not be in vain.

If it be the will of God, Allah, Jehovah, Yaweh etc… I will enter this next journey

better than I leave this current one

… because I,

am going home.



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5 responses to “Away for a while

  1. Oh Gina……..whatever is making you make this journey……I hope you are rewarded……..I hope you find a way to let us know. My phone is 812-306-8041 if you need an ear.

  2. Gina, may your journey be safe and achieve what you need to achieve, I will miss you. Take the greatest of care, we will wait for you x

  3. I second what Lily said, Take care and I hope whatever your journey holds you have the strength to get you through x

  4. Gina

    I am alive, friends. Thanks again for stopping by! Hugs and wishing all a healthy and prosperous holiday season to come! Gina

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