This blog is not abandoned..

I still lurv alla yaw’ll and hope to have access to a computer (in my off hours) so I can upload some things that I have been working on. Been meeting some cool people in the crafty world we live in and hoping I will be getting off that plane May 1st as planned.  Off to see the wizard!



He is just the cutest thing!

He is just the cutest thing!

This is my favorite nephew. My niece says after owning a dog, she is too selfish to have a child, so this is the best she can do for me, bwahahah! 🙂  His name is Blaze, but I call him Larry and he responds to it.. Go figure.


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3 responses to “This blog is not abandoned..

  1. Glad to know your alive and well chickie xo sending hugz xo

  2. Diane

    good to hear from ya!

  3. Larry is a fitting name! Good to hear from you and look forward to you popping in from time to time =0)

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