A job is a job, is a job. complaints abound, lol.

The lid to my paint brush water jar...serving as a vase.

The lid to my paint brush water jar…serving as a vase.

and a check is a check.
Anything is better than the lack of job I had previously, but I am learning not to dwell on what was, but what I want to BE. I was gifted a smart phone from the wonderful Mitzi and have been able to do ALL sorts of cool stuffs on line! It is small enough that I don’t have to worry about being mugged for it, but best of all, NO MONTHLY PAYMENT! Thanks again, Mitzi! My nieces go through phones like water and my sister also gave me one on her account, but I save that one for emergencies and or calls to home, most of which, I use a phone card for. Either way, I am SO grateful.

I was able to find one pad of paper on clearance at Michaels when they had the big sale 2 weeks ago. Our Mikes stuff never hangs around long enough to be discounted or sale priced (did I mention that my phone has a barcode scanner so I can read prices! 😮 ).LOL! I bought the pad of cardstock (something supposedly to do with Vampires, lol), got a Smash book for $9.00 and book bands with Hello Kitty on them for Michaela. THAT IS ALL THEY HAD! I will have to ask someone to shop for me at their better sale locations. It would be cheaper for me to pay for postage on a stuffed box than to waste gas going 40 minutes out for less than $20 bucks worth of stuff. I asked my husband to weigh my big bite, cropadile and some bags of WOC roses to ship to me, it came to $94.35. I could buy a cheap hole punch, another Big Bite and new roses for that amount. I won’t be going home until at least September, but now that I can watch streams, I am motivated to start folding paper, again.

Hope everyone is well and that the spring sunshine has made it’s way to your neck of the woods. I have not taken any photos, so I am recycling something 🙂

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3 responses to “A job is a job, is a job. complaints abound, lol.

  1. Great to hear all the news Gina! Sorry your trip home has to be postponed til September! Congrats on the new phone, that is pretty awesome!

  2. mitzi

    Gina, So so happy the phone went to a very good home. Hugs & kisses.

  3. That’s awesome about the phone and having a job. Money is awesome! Wish I had more of it!

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