Take your time…all the time.

This morning, my sister wanted me to ride with her to pick up a rental car. I get to ride around in the tiny mobile
(aka: her Sentra), because she rented an SUV to chauffer my niece for the big Senior PROM date. Now
I normally have access to a ride, but not a vehicle of my own…I am pumped up to say the least!

On our way to the rental agency, we pass the following:
Someone's at the door

I hope no one was injured. The police were on the way, as were the emergency vehicles. Talk about a bad start to a day.

On the other hand. I have a dilema. I have these cool boxes, that I just cannot toss out…
They are saying storage, but, what to do?

Any ideas? Suggestions? Recommendations? (Besides toss ’em out!?)



Filed under If it's free, Mixed media art, recycling

2 responses to “Take your time…all the time.

  1. Haven’t been here for a long time but nice to know you are still in there pitching!

  2. billiescraftroom

    Its shouting Ribbon storage to me. Poke holes in one of the long edges and feed out the ends of your ribbons 🙂

    ATC holder?

    Glad its not just me who can’t chuck things out hehe


    Billie 🙂

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