Work suits me

I have been tearing through a stack of magazines. Saving photos for collage, gifting and otherwise liking.
Every time I see a watch or clock, I think of Coffee and Art in the Morning, I think of my workbench and all of the things that I did to make it comfortable for me. I think of all of the pads of paper, paint and dies that lay un opened and unused.

I made 2 cards since I have been here. My current journal consist of pages with images glued to them in the hopes that they will meet some additional background decoration, before I begin to write on them. Work is always different, but I love working with the pets. They NEVER complain, are always grateful for the ice, walks and just a calm voice. Their owners on the other hand are a piece of work… If one of my customers does not have enough head or leg room, I upgrade them, at no cost to their owner, lol. Here is one of my grateful customers. ( I swear he looks like Bear in the Big Blue House!) oops, can’t figure out how to upload, so it will have to wait until tomorrow… 🙂


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